As one of the pioneers of road construction machines, we have been working closely with Perkins for years, a brand of engines that provide us with a path to global sales success. In less than three decades, Hydrog has become synonymous with a trusted brand of road construction machinery and equipment. We are considered the largest manufacturer of professional road machinery in Poland and one of the largest in Europe. This success is due to our professionals' commitment to high quality and constant attention to reliability and excellence.

Top-shelf engines

The presence of Perkins engines across the product range also plays a key role in building the reputation of Hydrog machines as failure-free and efficient. For 90 years, Perkins has been a leader in the design and manufacture of high-performance diesel engines. With over 22 million engines produced, owners of this brand are ideally positioned to benefit from its heritage and engineering excellence, as well as exceptional reliability and lower noise levels.

Reliable, strong and efficient

What's in the top Hydrog machines matters. Perkins® engines are found in the following products: Road Pavers (Hydrog DG-3000), Emulsion Sprayer (Hydrog SH-Premium), Patcher (Hydrog PA-5000) and Poured Asphalt Boilers (Hydrog KA-4400) are powered by Perkins® engines.

All of these machines are powered by Perkins® 403D-15 and 404D-22 engines. These 3- and 4-cylinder water-cooled units deliver 25 kW (33 hp) and 33 kW (44 hp) respectively. They help increase machine sales by ensuring reliable performance and low operating and ownership costs.

In addition to machines for road construction and maintenance, Hydrog also supplies highly efficient equipment for winter railway maintenance. The company's ORKA-2500 snow blower is powered by a Perkins® 1204F-E44TA IOPU engine (industrial open power unit) with a power of 110 kW (150 HP), which drives a huge hydraulic unit weighing 1,500 kg. The machines were selected by the Polish government to carry out a high-value railway maintenance contract.

Hydrog's long-standing cooperation with Perkins continues to grow. The combination of two trusted brands gives great confidence to every customer looking for efficient and reliable road and railway maintenance machines.

With Hydrog's growing global dealer presence, combined with the advantage of having globally trusted Perkins engines on board, Hydrog is well on its way to achieving continued growth domestically and globally.

Entry based on an article about Hydrog on Perkins' website: "Hydrog and Perkins: Kinds of the road"

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