These three values are strong pillars on which we build a long-term partnership with you. The HYDROG Company possesses a stable ownership structure and significant equity, which allow for a constant multi-directional action while maintaining a financial liquidity. This concerns e.g. significant investments in components and resources related to regular production planning, active marketing costs on the international scale, effective product distribution, and technical support on the basis of immediate availability of replacement parts, the stocks of which are sufficient to maintain a full efficiency of your machinery without redundant downtimes and losses related to them. We successfully develop long-term relationships with both biggest construction companies in Poland and Europe, i.e. from Germany, Austria, France, Sweden, Spain, and Portugal, and thousands of smaller companies worldwide. Each one of you is equally important to us and can count on professional and substantive technical advisory, as well as reliable and honest trade approach and quick and effective service support.

hydrog fabryka maszyn