The HYDROG Company factory in Łódź, Poland consists of 7 production and warehouse halls, modern office building adjusted for disabled people, and buildings with social infrastructure for our employees. The factory’s resources also include:

• construction office with team of qualified and experienced design engineers working on the newest three-dimensional CAD software,
• digital design documentation management system,
• expanded ERP company management support system,
• newest CNC processing centres,
• CNC presses,
• laser and plasma cutters,
• manual and automated blast rooms,
• painting and drying booths for spray painting and curing,
• automated powder paint shop,
• automated computer-controlled steel warehouse,
• modern lifting equipment and forklifts,
• multi-level part and component rack warehouse,
• measurement and laboratory equipment,
• fleet of service buses equipped with service tools and parts

... and many more modern machinery and devices.

One of our goals is a long-term operation in the conditions of balanced development of products, the factory itself, and brand image. The HYDROG Company has its own Research and Development Department that develops machine prototypes, new solutions, and subsequent innovations in partnership with road construction industry partners. The factory’s organisation allows for a serial and repeatable production of machinery, the level of which depends on the current demand of the market. Over 98% of production processes is done in the factory in Łódź without external suppliers. Thanks to this approach, we are able to provide the highest level of quality required by you and at the same time we are fully responsible towards you for the product.