Get to know the unrivaled technical department of Hydrog

Each repair should be done as soon as possible to save everyone's nerves and money. And this is where we come in - the Hydrog team responsible for customer service and technical support. We know well that what counts is quick action and a well-thought-out reaction. The priority is an efficient machine ready to work effectively.

The service and parts department is supervised by technical director Dariusz, who knows literally everything about Hydrog machines. Anyone who talked to him will confirm that he can always be relied on and that he can find a solution to even the most difficult situations. Hydrog supports machine users as best as it can because it knows the products inside out and supervises their development. During a breakdown, he supports customers remotely, or often by telephone, by collaborating with the person at the machine, he will analyze the fault, eliminate various hypotheses and predict the necessary actions. He will provide advice on operation to propose the best course of action for the future. Perfect quality and failure-free operation of Hydrog machines is the priority of his professional activities. Working as a team, we draw conclusions from each failure to improve the product.

On the first line, supporting customers when ordering parts and sending services is Łukasz, who always responds to every customer call professionally and with a smile. The world of spare parts holds no secrets for him. Always smiling and willing to help, he is waiting for your emails and phone calls. As a perfectly organized specialist, he can be in many places at once to arrange the most favorable repair conditions.

We are there when you need us

Our service technicians are primarily mechanical and automation specialists who work with the product on a daily basis in the Hydrog machine assembly department. Many years of experience in the production of machines and in people management mean that they can cope with the biggest service challenges. It sometimes happens that servicing of road machinery takes place in very difficult conditions and ill-considered actions may stop it or make it effectively impossible. Each Hydrog service technician is an extremely effective and responsible person. You can be absolutely sure that his service activities guarantee that the fault will be found and eliminated. The inspections and repairs he carries out are always thorough and guarantee the safe use of the machine for longer than the competition.

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