You can afford PREMIUM Class as well

SH PREMIUM is the highest and most prestigious class of HYDROG emulsion sprayers. It was created in response to the needs of the most demanding customers who use their equipment intensively under extreme conditions. SH PREMIUM sprayers are characterized by quality workmanship, technical capabilities (e.g. the biggest sprinkling width and output range) as well as proven reliability unparalleled in its price range. They have been chosen by more than hundred users so far – both the world's largest road construction corporations as well as smaller construction companies. HYDROG PREMIUM sprayers have dominated currently road constructions sites in Poland and they are becoming more and more recognizable in many other countries in Europe and Asia. Contrary as it may seem, it is difficult to assess objectively all emulsion sprayers available on the market and make a correct choice based on the information provided in the internet and catalogues only. Therefore we encourage you to make a direct contact with our advisors prior to your purchase. We organize presentations and demonstrations of our machines, both accomplished units and the ones in production stage. This greatly improves the assessment of the product’s quality and its aptitude to your individual projects. We will certainly help you find a solution corresponding wisely to your specific needs.

"Budimex company uses also other bitumen emulsion sprayers for years - both Polish and foreign producers (...), therfore we can compare several solutions. We conclude that HYDROG SH PREMIUM is a modern, innovative and highly recommendable machine. We are fully satisfied with this purchase, as well as the cooperation with HYDROG in the field of maintenance service of the machine."

"The heating time and the pump tightness of the emulsion is at a high level (...). Reliability, ease of start-up and operation of the machine do not raise our objections."
Godrom Sp. z o.o. from Gorlice

"Machine HYDROG SH PREMIUM characterized by modern design, high quality of the workmanship and reliable operation. We can also emphasize the full availability of service team and low prices of spare parts compared to sprayers of foreign producers."
Wojewódzkie Przedsiębiorstwo Robót Drogowych in Katowice Sp. z o.o.

Bitumen emulsion tank

Possible machine capacity are: 3.000 – 5.000 – 6.000 – 8.000 – 10.000 - 12.000 l (depending on the type). Elliptical tank with mineral wool insulation. Sand blasted and professionally protected against corrosion machine frames. Two independent emulsion level indicators: electronic on the touch panel in the cab and analog (indicator) on the tank cover. CLEAN PUMPING – pure emulsion absorption system. Emulsion refuelling with sprayer pump (without external unit) or the top filler.

Spraying Accuracy

Spraying width smoothly adjustable up to 4,8 m (two spraying bars 2,4 m hydraulically slidable)
Spraying output*:
at the spraing width 2,4 m – output from 0,10 up to 5,10 kg/m2
at the spraing width 3,8 m – output from 0,10 up to 3,80 kg/m2
at the spraing width 4,8 m – output from 0,10 up to 2,55 kg/m2
Precise dosing of emulsion by the sprayer computer
Spraying output automatically maintained at variable sprayer speed
Uniform longitudinal coverage of emulsion without the striping effect (see the attached movie)
Uniform transversal coverage of emulsion at the start and end of the spraying (see the attached movie)
Full control of the operator over the spraying output as well as other parameteres while spraying (all indicators on the touch panel in the cab)


*at the operating speed 3,0 - 8,8 km/h


Intuitive desktop with color touch panel 12" in the driver's cab
No manual valves in spraying system - full control from the driver cab
Intuitive, simple control, completely prevents from the operator errors
The operator only selects a predefined modes of operation – all individual activities are controlled by the computer

Spraying reports

Records of spraying parameters in computer memory
The report includes spraying time, output, length, emulsion quantity used, information about the construction site and operator.
Reports printing at any time on the built-in printer

Heating system

The most efficient emulsion heating system available
Heating time of a full tank up to working temperature - 1-1,5 h.
Maintenance free system (refuelling only)
Automatic maintaining of the emulsion operating temperature
Emulsion fumes explosion protection
Possibility of emulsion heating without starting the sprayer motor
Separate hour meter of heating system

Spraying bar

Two independent spray bars (front and back) hydraulically slidable on central rail
Hydraulic raising/lowering
Automatic switch on/off of nozzles while sliding of spray bars
Possibility of smooth dynamic change of the spraying width on both sides
Nozzles arrangement ensures uniform coverage of the surface with emulsion
Automatic cleaning of the spray bar and wires supplying the emulsion
Hand lance with the turntable as standard

Emulsion pump

Modern rotary positive-displacement pump special for bitumen emulsion, does not destroy it's structure
ECO FRIENDLY - does not require the use of emulsion destructive solvents polluting the environment
Precisely produced in CNC technology
Super tight - no leakage of emulsion
EASY START system– automatic pump heating
Pump drive overload protection
Automatic pump cleaning after each use
Automatically controlled by on-board computer

Combustion engine

Diesel Perkins - 3 cylinder, turbo, 34 HP, liquid-cooled
Monitoring of engine parameters by the on-board computer
Engine rpm indicator in the cab
Speed indicator and hour meter on the touch panel
Easy access to parts requiring periodic maintenance
The engine and pump compartment behind the aesthetic aluminum roller shutter with lock and key

Hydraulic side sweeper

Increases the usefulness of the sprayer at the construction site
Mounted on the front mounting plate in accordance with DIN 76060
Hydraulic drive
Controlled from the remote control from the driver's cab
Sprinkling system with water pump
Lighting and signage in accordance with the Road Traffic Regulations


Sprayer chassis

Truck (any brand) registered as special vehicle
Tractor trailer
Truck trailer
Superstructure made in accordance with specific requirements of chassis manufacturer
Compact and aesthetic superstructure with an optimal weight distribution on the axles