Roadside paver - Road Widener - from the Hydrog factory. Affectionately called the sidewalker, since 2004 it has been constantly increasing the number of satisfied users. It is not without reason that clients of the road construction industry trust us so much - we have been creating roadside pavers for twenty years - we are the first in Poland. The Hydrog DG-3000Premium roadside mixer is used primarily for efficient laying of all roadside construction layers or road widening using cold materials or hot asphalt.

układarka poboczy hydrog poboczarka

The optional additional side conveyor is used, among others, for: for laying bicycle paths, for dosing bituminous masses to the paver. The operator of road widener has fully electric control of the machine's operating ranges.

taśmociąg do układania gorącego asfaltu

The machine will certainly make work easier and increase the operational capabilities of Pavimental Polska in the construction and renovation of road surfaces. We wish you a busy season!