To make driving on asphalt surfaces safe and comfortable, regular maintenance is necessary. All damage and defects should be removed on an ongoing basis, and their removal is facilitated by a specialized device known as a road repairer or patcher.
Find out what exactly repairing asphalt surfaces looks like and how to choose the best equipment to perform this type of tasks.

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Repairing asphalt surfaces step by step

Asphalt repair is a process consisting of several stages. Each of them must be carried out with due precision and care so that the effect of the road renovation is durable and aesthetic. How is asphalt pavement repaired using a road repairer?

  1. Cleansing – according to many, this is the most important stage of the entire procedure. It is possible to use various methods of cleaning defects in the road surface, but the most effective method is compressed air blown through a road repairer's nozzle.
  2. Emulsion spraying – then asphalt emulsion is added to the compressed air. It is used to cover damage and fill gaps.
  3. Filling the defect with a mixture of emulsion and grit - in the next stage, the grit is transported to the nozzle and covered with a layer of asphalt emulsion. The mixture is applied under pressure to fill any surface damage.
  4. Covering the surface with grit - finally, a layer of dry grit is injected into the repaired area using compressed air. Dry grit protects passing vehicles from emulsion residues.
    Repairs carried out in this way provide lasting and immediate results. Moreover, traffic may be restored on a given road section immediately after completion of the works.

Road repairer (patcher) – the best way to repair road surfaces

All stages of asphalt surface repair described above are carried out using one device - a road repairer (patcher). Specialized equipment of this type accelerates the so-called patching holes in the surface and helps reduce the costs of this project. It does not require the use of a milling machine to clean the defect or asphalt mass to fill it.

In addition, the road patcher ensures long-lasting repair results. Other significant benefits of using this type of equipment include:

  • comfortable work when repairing asphalt surfaces - simplified process and convenient nozzle control;
  • surface repair using aggregate and emulsion, which remain separated until the last moment - using easily available and relatively cheap materials;
  • no risk of material losses - also in the event of a sudden interruption of work (e.g. due to weather conditions);
  • very good reproduction of the original shape and structure of the road surface - thanks to the use of emulsion and grit;
  • no need to buy small amounts of asphalt mix every day - greater profitability of the process and reduction of the time needed for its implementation;
  • the road is ready for use immediately after the works are completed - there is no need to close the road for the duration of the asphalt surface renovation.

Repairing asphalt using the right equipment is not only effective, but also quick and cheap. This is why the road patcher is becoming such a popular device.

How to choose a road renovator for asphalt repair?

The right choice of a road repairer allows you to additionally increase efficiency and reduce the costs of works related to road surface repair. The following should be taken into account, among others: type and frequency of repairs performed.

The HYDROG PA-5000 road patcher, thanks to the possibility of being equipped with a single or double aggregate tank, will adapt to many needs. It is also possible to install a working boom at the rear or front of the vehicle. In addition, the HYDROG PA-5000 road repairer has:

  • powerful liquid-cooled Perkins diesel engine,
  • highly efficient blower,
  • large (1500 l), insulated emulsion tank with level and temperature indicators,
  • working boom with a reach of over 4 m,
  • maintenance-free emulsion heating system.

Are you looking for a universal and reliable road patcher?

Check out HYDROG's offer. We offer refined equipment, technical support and immediate availability of spare parts. Our Patcher PA-5000 road repairers are valued for their functionality and reliability not only in Poland, but also in many other countries in Europe and the world.

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