The roadside paver (so-called road widener) is an innovative equipment that enables precise and quick finishing of roads with the roadside. Thanks to it, work can be carried out safer and with greater efficiency. However, it is worth keeping in mind that not every roadside paver is the same. Find out what to consider to choose equipment that will meet your expectations.

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Roadside paver – why is it worth it?

Roadside pavers are a relatively new type of equipment. It can be used for efficient laying of all roadside construction layers made of cold materials (mineral aggregate, reclaimed concrete, stabilizing concrete, etc.) or hot asphalt mass, as well as for widening roads. The machine can be mounted, among others: to a loader, backhoe loader, tractor, grader and other carriers using a quick-mounting plate. Works with a dump truck based on its front bumper. The material is thrown to the side by a conveyor belt, where it is further formed with the side plowshare.

The roadside paver ensures, above all, faster work execution. With its help, a three-person team of workers can lay several kilometers of roadside during one shift. Work is also more comfortable and safer. Moreover, the roadside laid with a roadside paver is extremely aesthetic and durable!

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Roadside paver – modern technologies for greater efficiency and safety of work

A modern roadside paver significantly speeds up the execution of earth and road works. All thanks to the technologies used in it. This type of equipment can offer:

  • a control system that allows you to control the machine both from the stacker's seat and from the carrier's cabin without an additional operator,
  • a travel direction compensation system that ensures that the blade is always directly above the strip being laid and that there are no downtimes or errors when laying the roadside,
  • vibrator of the spreading blade, which pre-compacts the material and facilitates even distribution of the material at larger widths
  • variable hopper geometry similar to a bitumen spreader, which ensures adaptation to any tipper truck.

These and other innovations allow for the efficient laying of roadsides and widening roads, while reducing the costs of carrying out this type of work. This is why roadside works are becoming increasingly popular among companies carrying out road and earthworks.

How to choose the right roadside paver?

Nowadays, more and more roadside equipment appears on the market. Each manufacturer uses its own technologies, which makes the devices significantly different from each other. So what should an ideal road widener have? Price is one of the most important criteria for many people, but it is certainly better to focus on features such as efficiency, reliability and application possibilities. The possibility of cold and hot laying ensures wider use of the sidewalk and its easy adaptation to any needs.

An example is the HYDROG roadside paver, which can spread cold material or bituminous mass heated to a temperature of 200 °C. This makes it suitable for:

  • laying roadsides and widening roads,
  • filling the space between road barriers,
  • laying drainage grooves from hot bituminous mass,
  • dosing bituminous masses to the paver on a bicycle path using an optional second side conveyor.

It is also worth paying attention to:

  • possibility of laying materials behind the curb - this is a common need, and the HYDROG roadside paver allows you to easily bypass the curb or even a strip 2 m from the road (e.g. a drainage ditch);
  • the ability to control the carrier (e.g. loader, tractor) by the operator - so there is no need to employ an additional operator, and the costs of carrying out the work significantly reduce;
  • adaptation to use with various carriers - through mounting brackets adapted to excavators, loaders, graders and other equipment;
  • workstation and control – should be designed with ergonomics, safety and intuitive operation in mind.

Do you need a roadside paver that meets all the above criteria, uses technologies that speed up work and increases its precision, and is easily accessible and carefully made? We encourage you to check out the offer of the Polish brand HYDROG! Our road wideners will surely meet your expectations.

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