Snowploughs V

Intended for snow removal from roads, squares, sidewalks, alleys etc.
Mounted on tractors, loaders, trucks, Multicar etc.
Working positions: "V"/ inverted "V"/straight right/ straight left

Snowplough blade made of reinforced rubber, spring cushioned – tiltable after the snowplough runs into the obstacle.
Blade side oscillation system prevents the damage of the snowplough on potholes and turnings.
Working positions adjustment: hydraulic
Control from the carrier cab.

Optional equipement

a) extra strong support wheels- carrying capacity 1 t /pc (in standard version support legs with discs)
b) main-beam headlamps with turn signals (in standard version LED marker)
c) blade made of Hardox steel (in standard version made of reinforced rubber)

Possible mounting brackets:

a) for front 3-point linkage system of the tractor
b) for tractor frame - mounting bracket with jack
c) for loader arms
d) for front mounting plate in accordance with DIN 76060

Technical data: HYDROG PV
Blade length: 2.600 mm or 3.300 mm
Blade height: 1100 mm
Blade turning angle: up to 45°
Snow removal width at 30° angle: 2.250 mm or 2.850 mm
Snow removal width at 45° angle: 1.830 mm or 2.330 mm
Turning: by hydraulic actuators
Actuators drive from the carrier hydraulics
(required min. 1 two-way hydraulic circuit)
Snowplough lifting: on carrier arms
Blade: reinforced rubber segments
Blade cushioning: springs

in standard version: support legs with discs

option: support wheels

Safety features: side oscillation system

in standard version: LED marker

option: main-beam headlamps + turn signals

Protection against corrosion: abrasive blast cleaning + prime coat paint + top coat high quality varnish
Dimensions (L x W x H):

2.720 x 1.470 x 1.310 mm

or 3.420 x 1.620 x 1.310 mm

Weight: 570 kg or 880 kg