Intended use

Model series of sand, salt and other gritting materialas spreaders are intended for de-icing and winter maintenance of road surfaces. Each machine can be equipped with a module for the distribution of the brine and the brine genrator.

Construction and the solutions used

Tanks of spreaders are offered in two versions, made of acid resistant steel or regular with professional anticorrosion protection. The spreader is equipped with a belt feeder. Above the feeder there is an optional scarifying unit. The shape of the chute prevents the sticking of the matierial above the spreading disc. The belt feeder and the spreading disc are driven hydraulically. Each spreader is equipped with precise output adjustment system and asymmetric spreading system.


Automatic control based on PLC controller, color touch screen and the system "all in one joystick". Control of the spreader is integrated with a snow plough.

Technical data: Sand and salt spreaders P
Type: P-3000 P-5000 P-8000 P-10000
Tank capacity salt/ sand: 3 m3 5 m3 8 m3 10 m3
Gritting materials: sand / salt / mixtures
Spreading output: automatic, with maintenance of the set value
when changing speed
Spreading width: adjusted between 2-12 m
Asymmetry spreading system: adjustable by an electric actuator
Feeding: *

1) conveyor belt

2) scraper plate

3) screw feeder

Brine delivery: forced pump
Chute and spreading disc: * acid resistant steel / of plastic material
Drive: *

1) diesel Lombardini engine

2) diesel Yanmar engine

3) PTO car power take-off

Control: desktop with color LCD touch panel, PLC controller
Control models: automatic and manual


*depends on the version, a detailed equipment to be chosen by the Purchaser