Snowploughs for highways

Hydrog PLA-4500 snowploughs are designed for winter maintenance of expressways and highways and other roads which demands extra-wide snow removal. They have a hydraulic folding module, which allows to reduce the width of the snowplough in order to eg. cross the gates on the motorway or take the lower category roads.

Variable width snow clearing

Thanks to the innovative folding system PLA snowplough can work in two positions:

1) Folded – blade width 3,8 m, snow clearing width 3.3 m
2) Unfolded– blade width 4,5 m, snow clearing width 3,9 m.

In folded posistion the side module is slightly rised, so it has no contact with the surface.
After unfolding of the side module, the blade has an uniform whole and a even surface without grading. This allows the snowcleaning to both directions - right and left.

Type: HYDROG PLA-4500
Blade width: 3,8 m (folded) / 4,5 m (unfolded)
Snow clearing width: 3,2 m (folded) / 3,9 m (unfolded)
Lifting, turn:
Drive: electrohydraulic unit
Support system: support wheels with adjustable height
Blades type:

1) reinforced rubber

2) elastomeric

3) composite material

Other features:

tilting, cushioned blade segments

blade side oscillation system

Protection against corrosion: abrasive blast cleaning + prime coat paint + top coat high quality varnish
Colour: RAL-2011 (can be different on request)