POH-5500 / POH-6000 Airport snowploughs

For mounting on the truck mount plates. Blade segment design provides efficient snow clearing to the roadside while adjusting its shape to the surface. The plough is fitted with additional windscreen protection against snow. Abrasion resistant elastomeric blades lifting at the obstacles. Remote plough control from the

Technical data Airport snowplough POH-5500 / POH-6000
Control: full control from the driver cab
Lifting: hydraulic cylinder
Holding to the ground: plough weight (floating)
Rotation: two-sided, left and right by 35°
Working speed 40-50 km/h
Maximum speed 70 km/h
Working width: 5500 mm / 6000 mm
Snow clearing width at 35°: 4500 mm / 5000 mm
Weight: 1400 kg / 1490 kg
Blade width: 5500 mm / 6000 mm
Blade height: 1000 mm
No. of blades: 5 / 6 independent, rocker arm mounted
Drive: electrohydraulic power unit, 1 kW, 24 kV, lift truck battery powered
Gauge wheels: castoring with adjustable height
Additional equipment mount plate in accordance with DIN 76060