Snowploughs PS

HYDROG PS snowploughs are intended for works especially on roads with ruts. It's steel blade is devided into segments independently suspended on springs. Therefore, this snowplough perfectly adapts to the road increasing the effectiveness of snow removal. Bottom rubber blades are also tiltable - they evade after the snowplough runs into the obstacle, protecting the snowplough against damage.

Technical data: HYDROG PS
Snowplough structure: steel
Blade: steel, devided into segments
Blade width: 3,0 m / 3,2 m *
Snow clearing width:

2,65 m / 2,82 m *

Lifting / lowering: hydraulic
Turn left/ right: hydraulic
Snowplough actuators drive: electrohydraulic unit 24 V or 12 V
Power supply:

from the carrier

* depending on the type