HYDROG POH-3000 and POH-3200 snowploughs

POH snowploughs are intended for winter maintenance of roads in urban and non-urban areas. They are mounted on the mounting front plates of trucks, tractors and other multi-purpose vehicles such as UNIMOG. They are characterized by the strongest construction.
The uniform blade made of elastic polyethylene ensures the efficient pushing of snow to the road shoulder without throwing of snow on a windshield of the carrier. There are abrasion-resistant blades at the bottom which are able to evade the obstacles that the snowplough runs into. Control from the carrier cab.

Type: POH-3000 / POH-3200
Snowplough frame: steel, shot blasted,
professionally protected against corrosion,
painted professionally in the painting booth
Blade: flat, polyethylene on steel frame
equipped in system which prevents overloading of wheels on turns and uneven surfaces
Lower blade segments: 4 pcs, with cushioned springs
Blade width: 3,0 m / 3,2 m
Snow clearing width: 2,65 m / 2,82 m
Raising / lowering: hydraulic
Right / left turn: hydraulic
Actuators drive: its own electrohydraulic unit 24 V or 12 V
Electrical supply of the power unit: from the carrier system
Support wheels: 2 pcs. swivel castor, with increased carrying capacity
Lighting: headlamps with direction indicator lights on booms
outline lights
Fixing to the carrier: on the front mounting plate in accordance with DIN 76060 norm