Intended use:

  • Sealing bitumen mastic structure edges with bituminous crack and joint sealant, bitumen, etc.
  • Joints between bitumen mastic strips
  • Filling joint gaps in roads, airports, bridges and flyovers
  • Repair of bituminous and concrete pavement cracks
  • Sealing tram induction loops etc.

Materials used:

  • sealing compounds in solid form(cubes)
  • sealing compounds in liquid form
  • asphalt – also modified with polymers,
  • sealing compounds as Bornit etc.,
  • bituminous emulsions, etc.

Principle of operation:

  • safe and simple sealant loading through angled doors provides splash-proof loading.
  • mass is heated in oil-jacketed tank indirectly and dissolved into a working form without the risk of overheating or burning.
  • during the heating of the mass the manual lance with wire is initially heated in a starting chamber.
  • the heated in the tank sealing compound is given by the pump through a wire with manual lance into the gap.
  • amount of mass flowing out of the lance is adjustable by valve.
  • the machine can be equipped with a built-in compressor used for cleaning the cracks with compressed air before filling.


  • towing speed up to 80 km/h
  • single-or 2-axle tandem
  • overrun brake
  • coupling ball or towing eye in accordance with DIN standard
  • working lights, warning orange flash
Technical Data: Cracksealing machines Hydrog ZSK-300 i ZSK-500
Tank capacity: 300 l or 500 l
Insulation of tank and pump chamber: mineral wool, 50mm with coefficient of thermal transmittance
Tank casing: aluminum - steel
Tank filling: through the upper hatch with safety cover
Sealing compound heating: indirect - thermal oil
Heating: electric oil-burner in a closed casing
Burner control: automatic-thermostat
The maximum mass heating temperature: 240 °C
Sealing compoundmixing: vertical mixer with hydraulic drive
Sealing compound dosing: hydraulically driven pump
Sealing: lance with flow efficiency valve
Internal combustion engine: Briggs & Stratton Vanguard 23 HP petrol
Source of compressed air: scompressor with disconnectable drive + compressed air tanks
Self-supporting construction: on its own frame dedicated to load-carrying body or trailers
Working lights + warning orange flash: in the equipment
Dimensions (L x W x H): 2608x 1450 x 1750 mm
Weight: 1400 kg