Precise dosage of asphalt in front of mastic asphalt spreader or leveling blade.
Filling of potholes in road surfaces with mastic asphalt.
Keeping the structure and the temperature of mastic asphalt adequate.

  • Heating system including thermostat and insulated tank guarantee proper asphalt temperature and low fuel consumption.
  • Vertical, high capacity hydraulically driven mixer protects asphalt from breaking in the tank.
  • The boiler may be delivered in the frame or installed on the chassis (of the truck or trailer).
  • Safety - the boiler is manufactured in compliance with CE standards.
Technical data: KA-4400
Container capacity: 4400 litres (ca. 9.5 t)
Weight: 4600 kg
Dimensions: (l x w x h)
4500 x 2500 x 2100 mm
Tank insulation thickness: 60 - 90 mm
Boiler filling: 1100 x 800 mm hole
Combustion engine: Perkins diesel 44 HP, liquid cooled
Engine fuel: diesel oil
Diesel oil tank capacity: 60 litre
Asphalt heating: oil heater
Heater fuel: fuel oil
Fuel oil tank capacity:
100 l
Mixer: 6 arms, vertical
Mixer drive: hydraulic
Asphalt outlet: 500 x 250 mm with mechanic gate
Additional equipment: boiler transporting chassis (trailer)