Dynamic development of Hydrog brand in recent years unexpectedly lead to insufficient space both in the existing office as well as in production halls. It did not take long to wait until new investment plans turned into a brand new office facility and modern assembly lines ensuring larger production capacities. The project was quickly initiated and the construction process itself ran smoothly as well. As a result we opened a new building this week. It consists of three stories covering altogether over 1000 m2 without a fourth production hall in Hydrog covering almost twice as much space itself. Sales, Purchasing and HR Department have been already transferred to the new facility which has been also equipped with new conference rooms and design office. The building is additionally equipped with a modern server room, innovative IT solutions, air conditioning and elevator making the premises well adapted to the needs of the disabled. High standard of office spaces provides comfortable conditions not only for our workers but also for the customers during business meetings. Thanks to the new production hall we are able to increase the labor force and consequently shorten delivery times of our products.