Weed removal

Weed brushes are perfect solution for dealing with:

  • weeds difficult to remove,
  • weeds on the sidewalks,
  • weeds at curbs, especially while cleaning up after winter,
  • sweeping close to road edges

HYDROG SCZ weed brushes serves as a scratcher, which gather impurities before the sweeping machine. This equipment is successfully used by municipal and other road and square maintenance companies. As an option the sweeper can be equipped with sprinkling system.

Possible carriers

They are equipped with their own hydraulic boom mounted on the tractor frame or on the front mounting plate of such vehicles as Multicar, Unimog and on self-propelled sweepers (Broddson, Johnston, Schörling etc.). The brush head itself can also be mounted on a backhoe loader etc.

Type: HYDROG SCZ-900
Boom lenght adjustment: hydraulic (telescopic boom)
Left / right adjustment: manually
Drive: hydraulic from carrier’s pump
Oil flow: 55 – 80 l / min
Hydraulic oil pressure: 160 bar
Brush diameter: 960 mm
Brush rotation: right / left
from the carrier’s cabin
Option: sprinkling system with pump and water tank
Weight: 160 ÷ 330 kg (depending on set)