Clean railroad tracks

HYDROG ORKA-2500 railroad cleaner is intended for maintaining the passability of the railroad turnouts and ensuring proper operation of railroad point switches. The machine is equipped with a cylindrical brush with adjustable height inside the machine body. This brush gathers snow from railway tracks into the rotor which moves it further to the ejection fan. Snow is thrown away through a discharge chute with adjustable direction and range. ORKA-2500 is mounted on railway technical vehicles.

Type: ORKA-2500 Railway track cleaner
Fixing: on mounting plate of railway technical vehicles
Lifting to transport position: hydraulic – to the height 450 mm from the rail head
Clearing width: 2.300 mm
Snow clearance depth:

150 mm below the rail head level

200 mm below the cleaner's body

Height of the brush in relation to machine body: adjustable


(l x w x h)

at folded discharge chute

3120 x 2500 x 1900 mm

Brush diameter: 920 mm
Brush drive: hydraulic – from the carrier
Brush material: 100% steel (galvanized)
Auger rotor: length 2.300 mm
Auger drive: hydraulic
Ejection fan: diameter 750 mm

Ejection fan drive:


Ejection rotors drive:

hydraulic – from the carrier