One machine - many applications

HYDROG SR Multi sprayers are universal construction machines used on construction sites to perform:

  • spraying of bitumen emulsion (both for tack coating and road surface dressing),
  • distribution of technical water (eg for road rollers),
  • distribution of diesel fuel for road construction machines,
  • cleaning of the road surface with a front sweeper.

All above mentioned aplications allow to make the most of your operator's working time and transportation capacity of the vehicle, which will generate noticeable savings for your road company.

Created on a solid basis

HYDROG SR Multi is based on SR-Kompakt sprayers. Uncomplicated machine design, and the components of the highest shelf at the same time. All that at a very attractive price. Both these types of sprayers have exactly the same advantages, such as:

  • spraying width up to 3,5 m,
  • automatic emulsion heating,
  • automatic compressor,
  • manual adjustment of the emulsion pressure and the rotational speed of the pump.

Precise spraying output

SR Multi sprayers are equipped with a precise digital indicator of current spraying output. Based on signals from speed sensors and emulsion pressure, it calculates the spraying output value. The sprayer requires only one time factory calibration of the system. So you can be sure that the road surface is sprayed with appriopraite amount of emulsion, not too much or too little.

Proven and reliable design

Although the spraying parameters in the SR Multi sprayer are set manually, only one operator is required to operate the machine. Control panel of spray bar is placed in the cab. The driver - and operator in one - has the ability to choose nozzles in any configuration, this can also be done on during the sprinkling. Spraying output is controlled by the emulsion pressure in the system.

Technical water distributor

SR Multi can be equipped with technical water tanks, efficient water pump and refueling hose. As the only machine on the market, the Hydrog SR Multi sprayers have water tanks structurally integrated with a bitumen emulsion tank. Thanks to that the center of gravity of the superstructureis is always in the right place in relation to the chassis axisregardless of how much emulsion and water is in the tanks. This always results in an optimal distribution of the superstructure weight per axle.

Mobile fuel distributor

SR Multi sprinkler can be also optionally equipped with an independent mobile fuel distributor, fully prepared for the convenient transportation of the fuel. It is equipped with: the distribution hose with the refueling gun and oil counter. Thanks to that, the supply of fuel for construction site will be done "by the way".

Front sweeper

Among the additional options of HYDROG SR Multi sprayer there is also a modern front sweeper with hydraulic drive. It is mounted on a standard front mounting plate and controlled from the cab. The sweeper can be equipped with a special intermediate plate allowing to move the brush to to the sideways in relation to the center of the vehicle - and cleaning the road surface beyond the outline of the vehicle or at the curb.

Max. spraying width

3,5 m (base bar 2,5 m
+ optional foldable extension of 1 m)

Spraying width adjustment

every 250 mm

Spraying output

0,1 – 1,2 kg/m2

Tank capacity

2.000 --- 3.000 --- 4.000 l (depending on type)

Tank insulation

100 mm + aluminium cover


oil burner automatically controlled

Heating temp.

up to 85 °C

Engine versions

diesel Yanmar 19 HP
gasoline Briggs & Stratton Vanguard 23 HP


air compressor with automatic control
hand lance
emulsion temperature indicator
emulsion pressure indicator


1) truck fixed superstructure
2) trailer fixed superstructure
3) portable machine not permanently mounted to the chassis