Intended use

The machine performs spraying with hot bitumen or other asphaltic mass in order to close the structure of asphalt surface on the edge of the road.

Other usage: spraying and sealing of dilatation joints, road cracks repairs.

Machine characteristics

Spray bar equipped with 3 nozzles, regulated hydraulically in 3 plains.

Indirect asphalt heating with oil burner through thermal oil coat – precise asphalt temperature control and overheating protection.

Equipped with mixer which support heating up and melting of the asphalt (with speed regulation, driven hydraulically).

Asphalt hoses heated up electrically – always effective start-up.

Effective repairs and road surface dressing

Machine to be mounted on a truck’s chassis.

Spraying regulation from control panel inside the truck’s cabin.

3 nozzles with possibility to work together or independently.

Edge spraying is supported by TV monitoring system, providing the operator with full visibility on the sprayed edge.

TV monitoring system consists of:

  • built-in camera above the machine's working head,
  • LCD monitor in the cab

The other control elements are located on the side of the machine. The asphalt level indicator is located on the tank casing. The machine can be equipped with an optional compressor with compressed air tanks.

Tank capacity Capacity 3.000 litres, equipped with thermal oil coat
Working temeperature 160 °C (max. up to 220 °C)
Asphalt heating Indirect through thermal oil
Burner Oil burner, automatically controlled
Asphalt mixing Vertical mixer driven hydraulically
Asphalt filling Upper hatch (separate pump independent from the machine)
Combustion engine Diesel Perkins 34 HP
3-cylinder, liquid-cooled
Asphalt pump Asphalt-dedicated gear pump, heated up with thermal oil in a heating coat, efficiency enabling spraying up to 4 kg of bitumen / m2 at speed 3 km/h
Spraying device Spraying head mounted between the truck axles, equipped with 3 independently opened nozzles with the possibility of hydraulic adjustment of the spraying angle, height and extension out of the vehicle contour
Spraying width 24 – 36 – 48 cm (3 nozzles activated independently from the truck’s cabin – spraying width dependent spraying head’s positioning)