HYDROG OLH-3850 Airfield cleaning machine

Airport cleaning machine is intended for cleaning runway pavements from sand, gravel, snow, ice, and metal debris with a rotary roller brush with hydraulic drive, blower fan and magnetic plate. Depending on the version, the machine is compatible with a road tractor, a truck or a tractor.

Maximum working speed 60 km/h
Cleaning width at 30o brush rotation 3.850 mm
Maximum cleaning output 231.000 m⊃2;/h
Length truck 10.8 m / road tractor 10.6 m
Width 2,95 m
Height 2,5 m
Weight 11.500 kg
No. of cartridges around the periphery 20
Brush rotation ± 30o
Brush diameter Ø 1000 mm
Brush length 4.460 mm
Brush speed 0 ÷ 800 rpm
Drive hydraulic
Lifting - lowering - rotating hydraulic - cylinders
Drive pump hydraulic
Gauge wheels 500 x 8 - 4 pcs.
Engine Diesel
Type Iveco Cursor 8
Power 310 HP
Displacement 7.790 cm⊃3;
Electrical system voltage: 24 V
Starter power 4,5 kW
Fuel consumption (diesel oil) 206 g/kWh
Fuel tank capacity 340 dm⊃3;
Delivery 8 m3/ sec
Speed 2,750 rpm
Air outlet velocity 400 km/h
Drive hydraulic
Lifting - lowering hydraulic - cylinder
Tires 2 x 385/65 R22,5 TL
Mounting pneumatic
Brakes 2 circumferential
Axle trailing SAF
Support stand hydraulically extended
Magnetic plate
Working area dimensions 400 mm x 2800 mm
Lowering to the working position Hydraulic
Magnets permanent 26 ÷29 kJ/m3: 80

Combustion engine

  • Tested to EURO-3 and Tier-2.
  • Low fuel consumption, high durability and reliability.
  • Protected with the following sensors:
  1. hydraulic oil leakage
  2. engine oil pressure drop
  3. clogged air filter.
  4. high engine temperature.
  5. exceeding maximum hydraulic oil temperature
  • Sensors shut down machine engine
  • in case the parameters are exceeded.
  • Engine control panel with:
  1. Ignition switch
  2. Engine speed indicator
  3. Brush speed indicator,
  4. Fuel gauge,
  5. Oil pressure gauge,
  6. Coolant temperature indicator,
  7. Emergency stop indicator.
  8. Emergency switch.

Combustion engine casing

  • Hydraulic lifting via control panel
  • access to the engine and hydraulics
  • Emergency lifting with a manual hydraulic pump

Roller brush

  • The brush is supported by two rocker arms - during operation it moves on four wheels, independent from the cleaning machine frame, providing perfect adjustment to the surface.
  • Brush lifting hydraulics is set in the floating position.
  • Hydraulic brush drive
  • Brush cartridge design enables fast replacement and easy maintenance. Cartridge replacement does not require shaft balancing.
  • Brush path correction is manual in standard version, electric or hydraulic adjustment is optional.

Blowing fan

  • Heavy duty fan – 8 m3/s – blowing the surface behind the brush roller
  • Hydraulic drive
  • Hydraulic lowering to the working position
  • Directional diffuser with hydraulic control
  • Left / right direction change coupled with brush direction change


  • Trailing axle of the rear suspension on pneumatic springs with adjustable stiffness for high cleaning and transport speeds.
  • SAF axle is maintenance - free (inspection every 150,000 km).

Magnetic plate

  • Removing ferromagnetic impurities from the surface
  • Hydraulic lowering
  • Easy plate cleaning

Additional information

  • The cleaner is compatible with trucks, road tractors and tractors.
  • Switching from operation to transport mode in several seconds with a single operator.
  • Control of cleaner movement and emergency stop from the tractor cab.
  • Hydraulic control of the gauge wheel for easy machine positioning at standstill.
  • Pneumatic rear axle suspension for increased durability of all machine components.
  • Easy machine operation and maintenance.
  • The engine is automatically shut down in case of engine or hydraulics failure.