Intended use:

  • Milling of grooves and gaps including expansion crack in asphalt or concrete with 8-angle mills;
  • Cutting and milling of asphalt, concrete by diamond and corundum blades (max.5 pcs);
  • Preparation of the surface before sealing (for example sealing compound, sealing tapes).
Technical data: Hydrog MS-60
Max milling width (drum with cutters): do 40 mm
Max milling depth (drum with cutters: 35 mm (frez type A)

55 mm (frez type B)
Applied mills:

8-angle type A ø 120 (6 mills)

8-angle type B ø 160 (3 mills)

Max milling depth (cutting discs – max. 5 pcs.): 56 mm
Max milling width (cutting discs – max. 5 psc.): 38 mm
Diamond blades diameter: 400 mm
Drive: petrol internal combustion Kohler engine
Engine power: 25 HP
Rated engine speed: 3000 min-1
Engine rpm adjustment: smooth adjustment (shifter on control panel)
Power transfer: electric clutch + belt transmission
Cutters lifting / lowering: electric
Electrical installation voltage: 12 V
Dimensions (length x width x height) 1.780 x 890 x 1.060 mm
Weight: 220 kg

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